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During these unprecedented times, the health and safety of your community is our top priority! From schools to hospitals, small businesses to large corporations, we are determined to help your operations run smoothly!

From what we have learned from over a decade of building thermal imaging solutions at Aerial Thermal Imaging, we are proud to introduce the TempTaker Kiosk.


Meet our team

Team member

Eric Olsen

Founder & CEO

Eric Olsen has created GIS and CAD radiometric thermographic maps of mature, steam injected, EOR & heavy oil fields, precision agriculture fields, geothermal, and other unique thermal related mapping using full scale aircraft and UAVs. Developed two software applications, Global Contrasting and MapTempSoftware. He has secured highly profitable contracts with large oil and energy companies. Additionally, Eric is in aerial infrared systems development, UAV architecture / development, infrared imagery, remote sensing, georeferencing, orthorectification, management, marketing, talent resources, sales, supply chain, project management, DJI SDK, etc. Eric has perfected thermal camera software in many custom settings, leading to the design and invention of the TempTaker Kiosk.

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Team member

Rolynn Snow

Product Consultant

Rolynn Snow has over 22 years of combined experience in public safety and
incident command to include: Investigations, criminal behavior, crime prevention,
process and procedure reviews as well as the implementation of safety measures.
He holds an Associate Degree in Business Management and has successfully
completed CPTED Certification (Crime Prevention Through Environmental
Design). Rolynn is a graduate of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
physical securities program. Rolynn brings his education and experience as a
product consultant to the Temptaker team.

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Team member

Amy Barnett

Sales Consultant

Amy Barnett is a successful entrepreneur in the large events arena. She joins us with many years of experience in sales, customer service, event execution, customer relations and business experience. She brings her enthusiasm and experience to the TempTaker team as a product consultant and marketing department.

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